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Your Guide to Pregnancy Safe Skin Treatments

During your pregnancy were you expecting to have that incredible glow everyone always talks about? But instead, your skin had other plans and has caused an array of skin issues from pigmentation to acne, irritation to dry and flaking skin. This is sometime the reality for most mums-to-be: which is why we’ve created your Guide to Pregnancy Safe Skin Treatments. 

During pregnancy there may be a change in your hormones, which may cause your skin to produce an excessive amount of sebum (oil). This oil may then clog your pores and lead to inflammation and breakouts. 

Pigmentation may be worsened during these hormonal changes, there may be a temporary increase in the amount of melanin your body produces which may cause pigmentation issues, such as melasma. 

While there are certain treatments that you may need to avoid during pregnancy (and breastfeeding), there are still quite a few facial treatments that we offer at Inigo Cosmetic that can help restore balance and hydration to your skin whilst also providing you with some much-needed relaxation.


HydraFacial is a medical grade hydra dermabrasion device that is designed to use vortex technology to carry out a patented three-part regimen: cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing the skin with intensive serums to moisturise, brighten, plump and protect.

iS Clinical Facials

The iS Clinical facial range is a luxury skincare linedesigned tofeature a combination of botanical ingredients with advanced scientific formulations to treat a variety of skin conditions and deliver optimal skin health. All our iS Clinical facials include a complimentary Healite Light therapy.

Rationale Facials

Delight the senses. Discover unparalleled luminosity, delivered in absolute luxury. Experience a suite of Facial Treatments, tailored to your skin.


The PRIN Lymphatic Flow Facial is a relaxing facial that aims to stimulate the flow of your lymphatics to encourage healthy responsive skin. This treatmentis designed tocreate a clean environment for the cells in our skin to be nourished with oxygenated blood and nutrients.


Dermapen, also commonly referred to as skin needling, is an advanced clinical treatment that uses micro-needles designed to penetrate the skin, with the aim of prompting the body to repair the skin from micro damage through a wound healing response. This process also assists the introduction of various vitamins and complex ingredients to the dermis.

O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Peels

A corrective skin treatment that targets specific skin concerns using a series of Enzyme, Peptide, and Acid Peels. Pro dermal peels aim to achieve cell optimisation, skin health and improve skin texture.

Skin Consultation

If you’re not quite sure what treatment is best for you we recommend you book a skin consultation with one of our experienced practitioners. Consultations are $75 and are redeemable off your next treatment with us. But if you’re ready to book your pregnancy safe skin treatment, you can save time and book online using the link below!