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The Out of Town
Patient Process

Here’s how the process works.


All patients seeking cosmetic surgery must have a GP referral. You will need to have two consultation appointments prior to booking in surgery. The first appointment must be in clinic, the second consultation can be done virtually or in clinic. You will need to wait 7 days following your second consultation before booking in a surgery date.

  • Consultation days are Monday and Thursday
  • Surgery is performed either Tuesday or Wednesday
  • You must stay in Brisbane for a minimum of 48 hours after surgery

Before Surgery

A support person will be required to accompany you for the duration of your stay, if you are unable to find someone to accompany you, Inigo Cosmetic can provide you with the details of a reputable nursing agency.

After Surgery

The day after surgery, our nurse will conduct a postoperative review by telephone and discuss your dressing change appointments.

Dressing changes are performed once a week for three weeks. These can be done in the clinic, or we can provide you with a detailed letter to give to your local GP. We ask that all patients remind their practitioner to use their phone to take clinical images of the surgical incisions.

You will have postoperative appointments scheduled with your surgeon throughout the following year. These can be done in person or online through our Virtual Clinic.


Below are some accommodation recommendations close to the clinic.

Meriton Suites Adelaide Street

485 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD
1.3km from Inigo Cosmetic
Approximately $880 for 4 nights

Calile Hotel

48 James St, Fortitude Valley QLD
40m from Inigo Cosmetic
Approximately $1,353 for 4 nights