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With age and following pregnancy, childbirth or menopause, women often experience several changes to the pelvic floor. This may include urinary incontinence, in which a simple sneeze, cough or laugh can trigger leakage, and vaginal laxity, which can interfere with bladder function.

In fact, around 50 percent of people aged over 50 experience urinary incontinence. This may affect your quality of life. If you have concerns about bladder leakage, Emsella Chair treatments at Inigo may be an innovative and effective solution.


What Is Emsella?

Emsella is a treatment developed by BTL to address urinary incontinence and lax vaginal walls. Treatments use high-intensity electromagnetic energy to restore neuromuscular control in the pelvic region, with one 30-minute treatment designed to deliver the equivalent of about 12,000 pelvic floor contractions. The aims are to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, tighten vaginal walls and reduce urinary incontinence.

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You may experience improvements in your pelvic floor after just a single Emsella treatment, however, these results will generally only improve in the following weeks. After you have completed your course of treatments, you can expect a reduction in urinary incontinence and  potentially, greater sexual satisfaction.

What to expect

Emsella treatments are completely non-invasive and described as being quite comfortable. You will remain fully clothed during the procedure, as all you will need to do is sit down on the Emsella Chair. Once you are positioned correctly, the chair will begin to contract your pelvic muscles. You may experience a slight tingling sensation; however, this should not cause any discomfort. In fact, you are free to read a book, catch up on a Netflix series or simply sit back and relax during your 30-minute treatment.


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If you are a woman or man concerned with urinary incontinence, Emsella treatments may be a solution for you.

While every patient is different, many experience a decrease in urinary incontinence after just one treatment. Such benefits will only improve in the succeeding weeks and following subsequent treatments.

To achieve the best results, most patients require a course of treatments, consisting of six sessions over a three-week period. During this time, patients will come in for two 30-minute sessions per week.

While Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic floor to an extent, they are not the same as Emsella treatments. Emsella aims to create thousands of supra-maximal pelvic contractions in about 30 minutes. This cannot be achieved through Kegel exercises. If you have tried Kegel exercises and noticed no improvements, Emsella treatments may be a more effective solution.

There is absolutely no downtime following an Emsella Chair treatment. You may resume all daily activities immediately after treatment.

At Inigo Cosmetic, we customise our treatments to each patient. Depending on the severity of your personal concerns, you may require more, or less Emsella treatments. To receive a detailed cost breakdown, please get in touch to book a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic.