To ensure a smooth surgery and recovery, it is important to follow all instructions provided by the clinic. Read these instructions carefully, and if you do have any questions or queries, please contact us directly at or call us on 1300 884 577.

Six Weeks Before

  • Stop Smoking: You must stop smoking at least six weeks before surgery and refrain from smoking for at least six weeks after surgery. Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and can cause major complications. If you are a current or recent smoker, you will be required to complete the Smoking Consent Form prior to your procedure.
  • Keep yourself in good physical shape good nutrition and regular exercise are important. Some gym-inclined patients also find that doing exercises to target and strengthen their back and stomach muscles was beneficial during their recovery period.
  • Make sure you have a support person organised. Your support person will collect you from the hospital and is required to stay with you for the 24 hours after your procedure. If you are unable to organise a support person, you can contact Nursing Agency Australia 1300 422 247. Any costs associated with a support person are your responsibility.
  • No cosmetic injections.
  • No laser hair removal treatments.
  • No body tattoos or piercings.

Breast Surgery Patients

  • No dental work (including teeth cleaning and filings) is allowed for at least six weeks prior to and six weeks after surgery. Please advise your dentist and your surgeon of any future dental work as you may require prophylactic antibiotics.
  • If you are over 38 years old, you will need to organise a routine mammogram. Please send these results to the clinic by fax on (07) 3394 4248.
    or email

Two Weeks Before

  • No spray tans until after surgery – your skin needs to be clean and tan-free to prevent residual product ending up in the incisions on surgery day. You may resume tanning two weeks after surgery but make sure you avoid the dressing area.
  • Finalise consent forms and outstanding payments.


  • No blood-thinning medications, including Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Nurofen), non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, vitamin E, gingko biloba or fish oil.
  • Discontinue herbal medications as they may affect blood clotting, interfere with the anaesthetic, or affect blood pressure.
  • Discontinue all multivitamins.
  • Discontinue all diet medications (prescription and over the counter).
  • No illegal drugs.

Promote Healing and Help Bruising

  • We recommend arnica tablets.
  • This is a recommendation, not a requirement.

One Week Before

  • No alcohol one week before and one week after surgery. Alcohol can affect blood clotting.
  • Report any signs of infections, colds, rashes or skin sores.
  • If you have acrylic nail, nail polish, or shellac, make sure you remove the product off one finger on each hand for surgery day.
  • Nail products on toes may be left on.
  • Lash extensions may be left on.
  • If you need a medical certificate, please contact the clinic prior to your surgery with required dates.

The Day of Surgery

Make sure you follow the fasting instructions that have been given to you by the hospital. This includes NO eating or drinking after midnight, including lollies, chewing gum and sips of water.

  • Shower and wash yourself thoroughly – you may brush your teeth.
  • Take your regular medication with a small sip of water.
  • Do not apply any deodorants, makeup, creams, sprays or perfumes.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes – ideally a button-up or zip-up top.
  • Remove all jewellery and piercings.
  • Leave your contact lenses at home; bring glasses instead.
  • Visit a bathroom prior to admission to theatre.