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Women’s wellness treatments Brisbane

When we experience issues within our intimate areas, it may impact our quality of life. Although they may feel uncomfortable to talk about and seek help for decreased sexual satisfaction, discomfort, and urinary incontinence, it should not be ignored.

At Inigo Cosmetic, we offer a variety of women’s wellness treatments to help ensure our patients are able to find the best treatment option for their individual concern.



The revolutionary TempSure Vitalia is a temperature-controlled, radiofrequency treatment. Treating the labia and vagina, the treatment is designed to help to improve tightness, sensation, dryness and pelvic control.

Non-invasive, temperature-controlled, TempSure Vitalia can usually achieve outcomes immediately and continue to improve over time.

What To Expect

The treatment involves a small handpiece, designed for hard-to-reach areas, that will send radiofrequency heat to the vagina. The treatment should be completely painless, improving circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin fibres. Your practitioner will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. Treatments generally take about 30 minutes, but the time can vary from patient to patient.

Aftercare and results

There is no downtime associated with TempSure Vitalia, so you will be able to resume your normal daily routine after the treatment. Some patients notice results immediately, however, since the treatment is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production, can take time. You may need a series of treatments to achieve the best results. A treatment plan can be put together during your consultation to help you reach your goals.


Treating sexual dysfunction, the Intimate shot treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to boost sensation in targeted areas, such as the labia, clitoris, and G-spot. The PRP is extracted from your own blood.

The Intimate shot t can help to improve the experience of sexual intimacy, as well as improve lubrication and urinary incontinence.

What to expect

After a topical numbing cream is applied to the intimate areas, your practitioner will take some blood so that the platelets can be separated from the plasma that will be unused. Then, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will be precisely injected into the target areas, such as the clitoris, labia or G-spot. Treatment time can vary from patient to patient, but generally takes about 30 minutes to perform.

Aftercare and results

Following your Intimate shot treatment, you may experience some sensitivity in the treated area for one-to-two days, but this is normal. You may be provided with some instructions to keep the injection sites clean, to prevent the risk of infection or prolonged irritation. Initial results can become noticeable within three to seven days, however results begin to show at about three weeks after the treatment, when new tissue within the area begins to develop. Results can last for up to a year, becoming most noticeable about three months after the treatment.


To treat urinary incontinence, Emsella stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles with HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy). The treatment generates thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, in a non-invasive treatment that allows you to remain fully clothed throughout the session.

What to expect

Emsella treatments simply require the patient to sit in the technologically advanced, specially designed chair for about 28 minutes, while the pelvic floor is contracted to cause strengthening and tightening. The procedure should be pain-free, with only a sensation of tingling or tapping, and works effectively while patients are wearing clothing.

Aftercare and results

You will be able to resume your daily routine as normal after Emsella treatments. You may experience some muscle pain, temporary muscle spasms and redness on the skin, but this will subside quite quickly after treatment. Typically, patients need multiple treatment sessions to achieve their desired results, usually about six sessions over three weeks. However, the number of treatments and time frame can be tailored to each patient’s personal needs, which will be discussed during your consultation. Results can be noticeable after just two or three treatments.


Your treatment costs will depend on your chosen treatment method, and the individually tailored steps of the treatment. For example, the number of Intimate shot sessions are need or the number of treatment sessions required for TempSure Vitalia or Emsella can influence the total costs.

We have three packages available depending on your concerns.

Women’s Incontinence package – $4,899

  • 1 x Intimate Shot
  • 3 x Tempsure Vitalia
  • 4 x Cliovana

Women’s sexual health package – $5,999

  • 1 x Intimate Shot
  • 3 x Tempsure Vitalia
  • 4 x Cliovana

Women’s Intimate Wellness package – $7,650

  • 1 x Intimate Shot
  • 3 x Tempsure Vitalia
  • 4 x Cliovana
  • 6 x Emsella

Which treatment is right for you?

Your ideal treatment will depend on the concerns you have, your desired results and your personal treatment preferences. After reading about each of the women’s wellness treatments that we offer, you may already be particularly interested in a specific treatment, or you may be unsure which method to choose. Either way, our empathetic, supportive and experienced team will assess your suitability for treatment and be able to determine the method that can work best for you.

Potential Risks and Complications

While our women’s wellness treatments are non-invasive and offer virtually no downtime, no treatment is without potential side effects. At Inigo Cosmetic, our experienced team will always put measures in place to minimise risks as much as possible, and you will be informed of the risks associated with your chosen treatment during your consultation.

TempSure Vitalia can sometimes cause redness, swelling and irritation. Similarly, Emsella can cause redness, pain and temporary muscle spasms. These side effects are quite minor and generally subside quite soon after treatment.

The intimate shot can be associated with the risks of infection, bleeding, bruising or scar tissue at the injection sites, allergic reaction, tenderness, sensitivity, and swelling. Each individual is different, meaning that satisfactory results cannot necessarily be guaranteed as results will be based on how your body responds. Our practitioners will advise you on how to prevent these risks after the treatment, and will always strive to achieve the best results possible.

Your consultation at Inigo Cosmetic

During a confidential, private consultation with one of our experienced and supportive practitioners, you will be able to discuss your concerns and your treatment goals to determine the right treatment for you.

In a comfortable, judgement-free and understanding environment at Inigo Cosmetic, you will be able to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and designed to achieve the results you desire.

Contact us today to book your consultation or ask any questions you may have about any of our women’s wellness treatments.