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Factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or weight gain may alter the appearance of a woman’s breasts. Mastopexy (breast lift) surgery is designed to assist in altering the shape or symmetry of a breast.

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Who is a good candidate for a Breast Lift?

The ideal candidate for breast lift surgery is:

  • Within approximately five kilograms of their ideal weight
  • Finished breastfeeding and having children
  • Considered to be in good overall physical and mental health
  • Realistic in goals and expectations
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A breast lift may be combined with other procedures, such as Breast Augmentation or Fat Transfer.

The nipple position, ptosis (sag) of the breast and aesthetic goals of the patient combine to assist in determining the type of breast lift required. At Inigo Cosmetic, Dr Chinsee generally performs one type of breast lift which is the full Mastopexy.

Full Mastopexy

A full mastopexy is usually indicated for severe ptosis. It involves incisions that are shaped like an anchor.  This is a combination of circumareolar (around the areola), vertical, and horizontal inframammary scars.

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Breast Lift with the use of breast implants

Although a breast lift can assist with repositioning the breast tissue, it cannot restore lost volume, particularly in the breast’s upper pole. Patients often choose to undergo a breast lift with the insertion of implants to create the look of a fuller bust. Breast lift and breast augmentation can be undertaken during the same procedure in the right candidate. If a patient has a considerable amount of natural breast tissue or is diagnosed with severe ptosis, the mastopexy and augmentation may be performed as two separate procedures to assist in minimising complications.

Recovery from a Breast Lift

While recovery varies from patient to patient, patients often describe the sensation asmild aches andpressure rather than pain. We aid your post-operative comfort with oral pain medication prescribed after the procedure. 

Following the operation, patients will require a dressing change at one, two, and three week intervals. We provide Out of Town Patients with a letter containing detailed dressing change instructions to give to their GP if you cannot attend dressing change appointments at the Brisbane clinic. 

Patients may expect to take around one to two weeks off work. Patients with office jobs can usually return to work after one week; however, more physically demanding jobs will require a longer recovery period.Most patientsresume day-to-day activities, including gym exercises, by about six weeks. 

Patients willusuallyexperience swelling, and there may be bruising after the procedure. Major swelling usually subsides by about three months, and the final results are noticeable at around the one year mark. A compression brashould beworn continuously for six weeks following surgery. 

We will schedule post-operative appointments throughout the following year. These appointments can be conducted via our Virtual Clinic or in person at our James St clinic. 


1.5 – 3 hours


Day surgery




Required at weeks 1, 2, & 3 – you may need additional dressing changes depending on recovery.


1 – 6 weeks


None for 6 weeks


Required for 6-12 weeks, however we recommend constant support and wearing you post-operative bra every night.


3-12 months


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The images and videos shown on our website are published with the consent of our patients. Results, risks and recovery will vary between individual patients and are dependent on factors including, but not limited to genetics, diet and exercise. As such these images do not guarantee that your results or surgical outcome will be the same.

Scarring from a Breast Lift

Scarring is dependent on several factors, including the extent of the breast lift performed. While Dr Chinsee will use surgical techniques to reduce scarring, the appearance of your scars ultimately comes down to how your body heals, genetics and post care. Your surgical scars should fade over time with appropriate postoperative care and can be further minimised with post-procedure treatment.

Please visit Scarring After Surgery for more information.

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Breast surgery carries potential risks that include bleeding or infection, accumulation of fluid around the implant, allergic reactions to medical materials, changes in breast and nipple sensation, temporary or permanent numbness in specific areas, wrinkling of the skin over the implant, keloid or hypertrophic scar formation, capsular contracture, improper implant size, implant rupture or deflation, breast asymmetry, calcium deposits in the scar capsule surrounding the implant, granulomas, difficulties with breastfeeding, diminished effectiveness of breast cancer screening, implant movement, the need for further surgical procedures to address complications, anaesthesia risks such as allergic reactions or potentially fatal cardiovascular complications, and blood clots in the deep veins of the legs, which can be life-threatening if they migrate to the lungs or brain. It is crucial to discuss these risks thoroughly with a qualified doctor prior to undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

In some cases, the breasts may appear slightly smaller once the excess skin has been surgically removed and the breasts have been lifted into their new position.

There is no ‘best’ breast lift and the extent of the breast lift required is based on a combination of nipple position, severity of ptosis (sagging) and personal aesthetic goals.

Patients are generally required to wait a minimum of six months after pregnancy (if not breastfeeding) or six months after finishing breast feeding. It is recommended that women wait until they have finished having children as pregnancy can alter he shape of your breasts.

A breast lift is often considered a long-term surgical solution to breast ptosis (sagging). However, your breasts may still change due to the natural ageing processes, weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

The cost of your breast lift can be broken down into three main components: the doctor’s fee, anaesthetist fees, and hospital fees. At Inigo Cosmetic, we customise our surgeries to each individual patient. To receive a detailed cost breakdown, please book a consultation with Dr Chinsee.