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Rationale Facials

At Inigo Cosmetic, we always stress to our patients the importance of a medical-grade skincare regimen. While hundreds of skincare products are available at the supermarket or department store, these do not contain the active ingredients designed to maintain health and integrity. Medical-grade skincare lines, on the other hand, are formulated with high percentages of the active ingredients that are designed to maintain health and integrity. When you visit Inigo Cosmetic, we always recommend a customised skincare regime with products tailored to your individual skin concerns.


Maintaining a youthful, glowing complexion starts with good skincare.

We are proud to offer Rationale skincare products. With a mission to deliver ‘Luminous Skin for Life’, Rationale’s luxurious suite of formulations offer environmental skin protection and repair so that you can restore natural beauty and radiance.


Since 1992, RATIONALE has delivered luminous skin for life, with a luxurious suite of formulations and treatment experiences.

From their leading research laboratory at RATIONALE HQ in Melbourne, RATIONALE remains compelled to develop superlative formulations which offer environmental skin protection and repair, aimed at restoring natural beauty and radiance.

The Essential Six Collections have been crafted around the six facets of skin luminosity: Resilience, Vitality, Brilliance, Integrity, Clarity and Renewal.

Every RATIONALE ritual is built upon these six facets and are tailored to your skin’s needs.

The ultimate understanding of human skin, leading Australian solar research and skin identical technology, this suite of formulations works synergistically with skin (and one another), to offer nourishing protection by day, and revitalising repair at night, enhancing the skin’s natural radiance.

The result is Luminous Skin for Life.

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About Essential Six

The cornerstone of the RATIONALE range is the Essential Six Collections – a system built around the six facets of skin health, luminosity, and acknowledged as a definitive skincare for skin protection and repair, restoring natural beauty and radiance.

Tailored to each patient’s skin, an Essential Six Ritual is designed to act as the skin’s daily nutrition, providing all the skin resilience boosters, antioxidants, environmental protection, barrier fortification, PH recalibration and nightly repair needed to assist skin glow with radiant health.

By day, the Essential Six ritual is designed to offer support to skin’s innate resilience, with antioxidant nourishment to boost skin vitality, aiming to deliver protection from ultraviolet, visible light and infrared radiation, as well as against pollution and other environmental aggressors.

By night, the Essential Six evening routine works to help repair and reverse daytime damage, by replenishing the skin’s lipid barrier and recalibrating skin’s pH to a healthy, acidic level.

How to Get Started with RATIONALE

A comprehensive skin consultation is the essential first step in any RATIONALE journey, and the optimal investment in your skin’s future.

Including Skin Scanning touch analysis under magnification light and UV Diagnostic Imaging, a skin consultation will reveal the health of every layer of your skin. Empowered with a thorough understanding of your skin’s needs, your skin consultant will then tailor a personalised skincare prescription and plan for your requirements.

Your recommended RATIONALE Essential Six skincare and treatment plan draws on leading, Australian solar skincare research, designed to protect from, and repair, environmental damage and maintain healthy, luminous skin for life.

Purchasing RATIONALE

RATIONALE is available to purchase at Inigo Cosmetic in-clinic and online, or via When purchasing on, remember to enter our unique Doctor Code, 16130-RA10, upon checkout.

Here at our clinic, we offer three Rationale facial treatments:

RATIONALE The Crystal Clarity Facial

Light-speed luminosity. Delivering radiance and refinement, The Crystal Clarity Facial is our streamlined treatment offering. Vital youth enzymes are reactivated deep within the skin, amplifying luminosity with a tailored curation of Skin Identical actives. Rejuvenating Light Therapy completes this experience, initiating skin regeneration and inviting a sense of euphoria and wellbeing.

45 mins. per treatment

$190 | package discount / buy 4 get 10% off

RATIONALE The EpiNova Brilliance Facial

Complexion couture; unparalleled luminosity, delivered in absolute luxury. The EpiNova Brilliance Facial is an immersive, bespoke experience, designed to inspire through a tailored curation of treatment elements. Micro-circulatory massage uplifts and re-energises, while LED light therapy and ultrasonic technology elicit skin revitalisation, renewal and deep radiance.

90 mins. per treatment

$340 | package discount / buy 4 get 10% off

RATIONALE The PhotoGenic Resilience Facial

Epidermal enlightenment; an uplifting experience, designed to revitalise and transform. The PhotoGenic Resilience Facial is our signature strengthening treatment experience, designed to reawaken radiance, by assisting in restoring skin’s inherent fortitude. This deluxe facial delivers potent antioxidants, micro-circulatory massage techniques and rejuvenating LED therapy to target skin resilience, offering both boost in skin brilliance and a long-lasting lift in luminosity.

60 mins. per treatment

$270| package discount / buy 4 get 10% off


Not quite sure if these treatments are right for you? Book in for a Dermal Skin Analysis.

Dermal Skin Analysis