Dermal Skin Analysis

At Inigo Cosmetic, we offer a range of state-of-the-art non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for the skin and body. If you are new to the world of skin rejuvenation, you may be unsure exactly what your skin needs and which treatments will work best for you. That’s why, to ensure you receive the right treatment for your individual concerns, we always suggest that our new clients visit the clinic for a dermal consultation.


What to expect during your Dermal Skin Analysis

Your dermal consultation is an opportunity for you to express your skin concerns with our experienced dermal therapist. Together, you will determine your specific areas of concern and create a customised, targeted treatment plan.

Included in your dermal skin analysis is:

  • Thorough skin cleansing
  • 3D imaging to help pinpoint your specific areas of concern
  • Finishing skin serums

You will leave your dermal consultation with a better insight into your skin concerns and excited to begin your journey at Inigo Cosmetic.

Dermal skin analysis fees

A dermal consultation at Inigo Cosmetic is $75. However, this fee is redeemable off your next facial treatment!

Get in touch today to book your consultation at Inigo Cosmetic and begin your journey to beautiful skin.

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