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Setting realistic expectations for your breast surgery

Setting realistic expectations for your breast surgery

 Deciding to undertake a Breast surgery journey is a big step for many people and can be a particularly emotional one given it relates to personal appearance. With this emotion can come a set of expectations which, although exciting, may not always be realistic when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Breast surgery is tailored to complement each patient’s unique anatomy, taking into consideration individual characteristics and desired outcome.

Cosmetic surgery, while aiming for favourable outcomes, is to an extent an art rather than an exact science, and meeting expectations is not always guaranteed. This is due to that fact that operating doctors are working with live skin and each patient’s skin and connective tissue quality, as well as starting anatomy play a large role in determining the final outcome.  It is essential to understand that breast surgery will not alter the position of your breasts on your chest; rather, it provides a larger version of your current shape. Similarly, the cleavage you desire may not always be achievable due to your natural body anatomy i.e. where your pectoral muscles attach to your sternum. It is important for anyone considering breast surgery to understand that multiple surgeries may be needed to bring you as close to your desired look as possible. 

For cosmetic procedures, including breast surgery, there is a 5%-10% chance that a revision procedure may be required for a “touch up” or to address complications, aligning with global best practices. The revision rate for a full mastopexy ranges from 17% to 25%. In cases where subsequent revision procedures become necessary, the results provided are typically not as favourable as those of the primary surgery. As a patient, it is crucial to be fully informed and have a clear understanding of the risks and potential complications before giving consent for any medical procedure. 


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