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Buccal Sculpting Facial Brisbane

The buccal facial sculpting massage in Brisbane is a 90-minute skin treatment, which uses four different massage methods including lymphatic drainage, manual facial contouring, intra oral buccal massage and a scalp massage.


What is The Buccal Sculpting Facial?

The buccal facial sculpting massage is a 90-minute skin treatment, which uses four different massage methods including lymphatic drainage, manual facial contouring, intra oral buccal massage and a scalp massage. The goal of the Buccal sculpting facial is designed to relax your facial muscles, tone, lift and sculpt the face as well as releive any TMJ issues including jaw tension, teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

What are the benefits of the Buccal Sculpting Facial?

The benefits of the Buccal Sculpting facial are endless and range from relaxation to relieving jaw pain, tension and headaches.

The benefits of the buccal sculpting facial may include:

  • Reducing puffiness
  • Toning and sculpting the face
  • Strengthening and relaxing tight facial muscles
  • Improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Reducing jaw tension, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and assisting with tension headaches
  • Improving the overall complexion, skin texture & fine line

What to expect during your Buccal Sculpting Facial?

The Buccal Sculpting Facial is a 90-minute sculpting facial experience, which begings with our signature Inígo double cleansing method, followed by a sequence of facial massages. Your facialist will perform the buccal ritual, incorporating four distinct massage techniques: lymphatic drainage, manual facial sculpting, intra-oral buccal massage, and a ayurvedic scalp massage. This specialised sculpting massage aims to improve facial lymphatic flow, eliminating toxins and waste, while also boosting circulation to nourish the skin & reduce facial puffiness, and alleviating symptoms linked to TMJ.

After the buccal massage ritual, your facialist will select either the RATIONALE mask or the RATIONALE pyruvic peel, depending on your skin’s current needs and your desired results. For an indulgent and pampering touch, your therapist will perform a hand and arm massage while the mask or peel takes effect. Following the removal of the RATIONALE mask or peel, a 15-minute session of Healite LED Light therapy awaits. LED therapy is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, and enhance your overall complexion.

To finish off your buccal sculpting facial, your facialist will apply a cocktail blend of serums, moisturisers and SPF to address your specific skin concerns.

The entire facial treatment lasts approximately 90 minutes, leaving you with radiant skin, a more contoured appearance, and reduced tension in your facial and jaw muscles.

How much does The Buccal Facial cost?

You will have a consultation before your facial to discuss what you want to achieve with the treatment. During your consultation, your facialist will provide you with a quote, calculating your treatment costs.

Patients can purchase a single session or a package for multiple sessions. For best results from The Buccal Facial, we typically recommend undergoing a series of four to six sessions, spaced out by one per week.

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Your results

After your buccal sculpting facial, you may notice an improvement in the overall complexion in your skin, glowing skin, reduction in facial puffiness, relaxed muscles, and a relief in TMJ symptoms. Over time, a sculpted appearance can become more noticeable; however, consistency is key to seeing the best results!

We recommend one facial per week for four to six weeks as an initial treatment. After four to six sessions, we then recommend having the facial once a month for long-term maintenance, just like a regular facial.

Side effects and complications

Before undergoing your facial, you will consult with one of our clinicians to discuss some factors that may influence your suitability for the treatment. Contraindications to the treatment, such as active infections or allergies to products, can lead to side effects and complications.

Side effects may include redness, irritation, allergic reactions, breakouts, skin sensitivity, swelling, or bruising. We will take the necessary steps to prevent complications during the treatment and advise you on how to minimise side effects after your treatment, should they occur.