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Cosmetic Lip Treatments Brisbane

The reduction of collagen production impacts the elasticity and suppleness of our skin and may lead to thinner and less voluminous lips. As collagen diminishes, the structural integrity of our skin weakens, causing a reduction in overall volume. Over time, this results in the gradual thinning of our lips.

Our cosmetic lip treatments in Brisbane are a variety of treatments designed to assist in hydrating, increasing volume and addressing asymmetry of the lips.


What are Cosmetic Lip Volume Treatments?

Cosmetic lip volume treatments are designed to increase lip volume, hydrate the lips and/or alter the shape of the lips. If your aesthetic goals include a fuller lip, replacing reduced lip volume, defining lip borders or softening lined lips, book a cosmetic consultation with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss whether cosmetic lip treatments at our Brisbane clinic are suitable for you.

Cosmetic lips treatments can be performed on their own or combined with other procedures. Treatments at Inigo Cosmetic in Brisbane that are designed to increase volume, hydration and alter the shape of the lips may include cosmetic consultations to address lip volume, thread lifts, RF ultrasound, exosomes or Hydrafacial lip perks.



Find out about cosmetic lip treatments at Inigo Cosmetic in Brisbane.

Cosmetic Lip volumising treatments at Inigo Cosmetic in Brisbane aim to:

  • Replace reduced lip volume
  • Alter the shape of the lips
  • Give a balanced look to lips
  • Reduce the appearance of a gummy smile
  • Increase lip hydration
  • Reduce the appearance of lines around the lip

Cosmetic lip treatments may include:

  • Cosmetic consultations to address lip volume or volume loss
  • Hydrafacial lip perk
  • RF Ultrasound lip
  • Thread lifts to lip area
  • Exosomes
  • RF microneedling (Morpheus8 / Exion)

Here at Inigo Cosmetic Clinic in Brisbane, we customise our cosmetic treatment plans to address your specific concerns and aesthetic goals, which may include incorporating multiple modalities or treatments. Interested in cosmetic lip treatments to address asymmetry or hydration? Schedule a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic Brisbane with one of our team.

At Inigo Cosmetic, our mission has always been to deliver results-driven treatments within a safe and relaxing environment.

Upon your arrival at the clinic, our friendly reception staff will extend a warm welcome, offering you collagen water and assisting you to complete necessary paperwork. Your treating practitioner will greet you, taking you through a consultation with 2D and 3D imaging.

Your consultation at Inigo Cosmetic Brisbane provides an opportunity for you to discuss your aesthetic concerns, your treating practitioner will assess your natural facial expressions and movements to determine which cosmetic lip treatments may be best for you.

Following the procedure, your treating practitioner will provide you with a post-care pack containing your recommended treatment plan, post-care instructions, and book you in your next appointment. All cosmetic lip treatment appointments include a follow up appointment with complimentary Healite II LED light therapy.

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Meet Your Medical Team

Inigo Cosmetic has a network of Nurses and Doctors. Our team aims to keep up to date with the latest treatments and technologies within the aesthetic medical field, in particular treatments that aim to treat volume loss, dehydration, and asymmetry of the lips so that we can provide our patients with the best possible care and treatments.

We recommend scheduling a consultation and facial assessment with one of our experienced Registered Nurses or Doctors, who can consult you on the appropriate products and treatments to target the lip area.

Treatment Plans Including Cosmetic Lip Treatments

Hydrafacial Lip Perk
RF Ultrasound

At Inigo cosmetic we customise all of our treatment plans to address your specific concerns and aesthetic goals, which often includes incorporating multiple modalities. Interested in treating the lip area? Schedule a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic Brisbane with one of our Nurses or Doctors.



All cosmetic procedure carry risks, including cosmetic lip treatments. Possible risks associated with cosmetic lip treatments may include:

  • General risks of injection: This includes bleeding, bruising, haematoma, and damage to underlying structures. This may cause ongoing problems in appearance, sensation or function and may require medical intervention to treat. In rare cases, such problems are permanent. 
  • Infection: Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections can occur post-procedure. Rarely, infections can occur months later as biofilm reactions. Injections in the lip area may trigger a recurrence of cold sores, which may require treatment.
  • Reactions: Reactions rarely occur but can include an immediate reaction causing swelling and, very rarely, life-threatening anaphylaxis. Delayed reactions localised to the skin can cause nodules, lumps, or abscesses.

For recovery, risks & complications relating to cosmetic lip treatments please visit here.

The best way to determine whether this treatment is right for you is to have a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic in Brisbane with one of our practitioners. However, if you are concerned by the appearance of your lips then cosmetic lip treatments might be appropriate for you.  Most healthy individuals are suitable candidates for cosmetic lip treatments, provided that you have realistic expectations of what the treatment can achieve and that you are in good mental and physical health.

Our cosmetic lip treatments may address:

  • Lip lines and perioral wrinkles
  • Asymmetry
  • Volume loss
  • Hydration

Recovery time after cosmetic lip treatment can vary depending on multiple factors, however most patients can resume normal activities within 24-48 hours.

The results of cosmetic lip treatments are noticeable directly after your appointment, although they will usually continue to improve in the following days. Keep in mind that cosmetic lip treatment results are only temporary and additional treatments may be required.

The longevity of your treatments will depend on the treatment area, treatment being done, and your own metabolism. However, you can expect your results to last anywhere from 1 week to 12 months. Patients with muscular physiques may require more frequent treatments. Regardless, regular treatments may help maintain your results and, over time, many patients find that they can prolong their treatment interval.