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11 Tips for for Breast Surgery Recovery

To encourage a smooth recovery after your surgery, it’s essential to prepare a few things beforehand. While tasks like cleaning the house and arranging for some peace and quiet are obvious, there are also some smaller details you might not have considered.

Here are our 11 top tips for breast surgery recovery:

  1. Take care of any waxing or shaving before the surgery.
  2. Have an extra-long phone charging cord or an extension cord handy for easy access during recovery.
  3. Keep baby wipes or facial wipes available as you won’t be able to shower for the first 5 days.
  4. Consider having dry shampoo on hand or treat yourself to a salon wash and blow dry around day 3 for a refreshing feeling.
  5. Opt for zip or button-up tops, as your arm movements will be limited.
  6. Get straws or a water bottle to help you stay hydrated, especially when you might find it difficult to move your arms due to post-surgery discomfort.
  7. A neck pillow (airplane travel type) will provide comfort during your recovery period.
  8. A boomerang pillow will be essential for sleeping upright for at least 1 week.
  9. If you’re not already signed up with a streaming service, consider exploring websites that offer free trials to keep yourself entertained.
  10. Have healthy snacks like fruits and nuts on hand, as you may not feel like having big meals directly after your surgery.
  11. If you enjoy meal prepping, consider organising some meals in advance since cooking might be challenging during the first few days of recovery. Alternatively, use food delivery services like Uber eats.
  12. Remember to prioritise rest and relaxation during your recovery. Enjoy your downtime and take this opportunity to pamper yourself guilt-free.

By taking care of these preparations, you’ll be better equipped to have a comfortable and stress-free recovery experience. 

– Inigo Cosmetic