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Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape


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Siltape is used widely amongst the top plastic surgeons and doctors in the world.  It is renown for being one of the best scar care products. Use it for breast augmentation, lift, reduction, explant scars and tummy tuck or caesarean scars.  It can be used on any scar to reduce the colour and appearance.
Siltape is a silicone bandaging tape designed to gently adhere to the skin without hurting the skin, which allows inspection or repositioning of wound and dressings.

Gently clean the scar area and dry completely. Do not use any oils or serums. Siloxaderm should be applied directly onto the skin. Excess body hair may decrease tape adhesiveness.

Cut desired tape length and peel off backing. The backing can be kept to place tape on while showering.

Place tape over the scar, sticky side down. Ensure scar is completely covered. If your skin begins to react to the tape, e.g itch, redness, irritation, remove and discontinue use.

The same tape can be reused until it loses adhesiveness. Can be washed with warm soapy water between these days.