Revisions & Complications

All surgical procedures carry risks, complications, and unforeseen problems that may require further expenditure. The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science and although good results are expected, the fees paid are for performance of the surgery only, and not a guaranteed result. Any future procedures is not covered by the original quote or fees previously paid (unless otherwise stated).

  • The costs associated with a future procedure may include (but not limited to): airfares, accommodation, carer, time off work, loss of income, medication, pathology, diagnostic investigations, surgical garments.
  • Most cosmetic procedures have a 5% – 10% chance that a revision procedure is required to “touch up” or correct a complication that may have occurred (consistent with best practices worldwide).
  • The revision rate for a full mastopexy is between 17% – 25% (consistent with best practices worldwide).
  • Where subsequent revision procedures become necessary all subsequent revision procedures provide results lower than results of a primary surgery.

It is important that patients are fully aware and understanding of all the risks and complications that can occur before consenting to a medical procedure.

Revision Surgery Policy

If you require a revision procedure during your three year postoperative period, our surgeons will likely waive their surgical fees. However, you will be required to pay for the third-party fees associated with hospital and the anaesthetist.

  • This is charged at $2200 per hour (general anaesthetic only).

Patients outside of three year postoperative period: Entitled to 20% discount off surgeon’s fee only.

Please note: Additional expenses or expenditure may apply (implant fees, Keller funnel, breast mesh, compression garments etc). Policy will only apply for correction of a complication that has occurred as result of the primary surgery. Policy is not applicable for change of mind (implant removal, size increase, or size decrease). Fees are subject to change without notice.