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Why Cosmetic Surgery?

When I first started doing cosmetic surgery, I very much wanted to be a generalist and not have a singular focus. As I progressed in my career I found that I had a knack for breast procedures and as my patient numbers grew, word of mouth inevitably led me to perform breast surgery almost exclusively. What makes it interesting for me, as well as challenging, is the character of each patient’s tissue. There are multiple elements that I need to take into account, including the support structure (ribs), tissue envelope (glandular tissue and skin), and the interplay between implants and their own body (muscle).

I also like that no two women are the same and with each surgery comes variations in technique as well as surgical planning. This is a double edged sword, however, and sometimes it can be difficult to predict how a breast will change following surgery, as a result of patient healing factors. This is something that I do my best to predict based on my previous experiences.

Cosmetic breast surgery can be very emotional for women and I like seeing how it can really change their whole attitude – women that were previously very self conscious of the way they looked find a new confidence which is often noticeable to family and friends.

My aim is to make the whole journey as simple as possible for my patients. From the first consult through to the final check up, I like getting to know the people who will be putting their trust in me as well as to educate them the best I can on what to expect with their surgery. I also like to give patients the assurance that no matter how many years have passed since I last saw them, I am always their surgeon and will do my best to help them if the need arises.

I often liken what I do to art and for me it is very much the marriage of medicine and art that attracted me to cosmetic surgery in the first place. At the end of the day, it is performing surgery as well as seeing happy patients that fulfils me.

Dr Ian Chinsee