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Should I Travel Overseas For a Boob Job?

There are some pretty tempting surgery holiday packages available. The thought of sitting on a beach somewhere, having someone bring you (non)alcoholic cocktails while you sit and admire your new breast augmentation is appealing. Well, it is appealing to me. Actually, maybe it’s just the holiday part I’m liking. But are these sorts of offers too good to be true? Will it end up costing you more in the long run? Are you going to end up with some foreign tropical disease and have your boob removed? To be honest, some of these facilities look amazing, and they’re staffed with renown Surgeons who are more than qualified. But here’s why I wouldn’t take a surgery vacay.

With any surgery, there are many unforeseen complications that may arise. You can have the best surgeon, in the best part of the world, in the best facility, but it still doesn’t make the surgery completely risk free. Sometimes a complication can just ‘happen’. It’s no one’s fault, just bad luck. Keep in mind that the revision rates for an augmentation mastopexy (full lift) are between 20-25% worldwide!

In Australia, if one of these complications occur, which results in the need for additional operations, the Surgeon will likely:

  1. Not charge you for additional follow-up postoperative appointments.
  2. Try and minimise the third party fees (hospital, anaesthetist, implant fees).
  3. Likely waive, or greatly reduce the Surgeon’s fee.

Now imagine you’re back from your surgery holiday, and something goes wrong. You’ll likely:

A) Need to fork out money for airfares and accommodation to go back and see him/her (this is provided it’s not a medical emergency). OR

B) See a Surgeon in Australia and pay full price for a revision surgery.

Both options are going to end up costing you a fair amount extra. In fact, probably more than you had saved in the first place.

– Nurse Justine