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Sex After Breast Surgery

Understanding the postoperative guidelines regarding sexual activity after breast surgery is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe recovery. Please note that individual Doctors may have their own specific recommendations, so it is essential to follow your Doctors instructions diligently.

During the initial two weeks following breast augmentation, it is important to refrain from any sexual activity. Engaging in sex during this early recovery period can lead to serious consequences, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, which may result in excessive swelling and bleeding in the implant cavity. Physical activity can also damage internal stitches and displace the implants, potentially leading to complications like capsular contracture.

Furthermore, if you are on the pill, the antibiotics prescribed after surgery can interfere with its effectiveness, necessitating additional protection to avoid unintended pregnancy. 


Every doctors will have their own guidelines and timeframes on this particular topic so make sure you check with the doctor who performed your surgery. Dr Ian Chinsee recommends no sex for two weeks, after two weeks gentle sexual activity is permitted, but the breasts should remain a no-touch zone. You should also wear your post operative bra during any sexual activity up until 3 months.


  • It is important to rest as much as possible to allow your body to recover. Having sex within the first two weeks following breast augmentation surgery can lead to excessive swelling, bless, infection and displacement
  • Sex can raise your blood pressure, increases your heart rate, and sexual arousal causes an increase in flood flow to the breasts. This may result in excess swelling and haematoma (bleeding) in the implant cavity. Long term complications of this may include capsular contracture.
  • Vigorous physical activity can damage internal stitches and displace the implant, moving it out of the correct position in the breast pocket. In extreme cases, patients can even reopen their surgical incisions.


  • Gentle sex is allowed – but the breasts are a no-touch zone.
  • Post operative bra must be worn


  • You and your partner can start to involve the breast area – but make sure this is done gently, and that your wearing you post operative bra or firm fitted sports bra.
  • Avoid mouth to nipple contact (for around 3 months). Your partner’s mouth bacteria has the potential to travel down the nipple ducts which could cause an infection around the implants.
  • No bouncing for 12 weeks. Excessive bouncing while the skin is still healing can cause the implants to stretch the skin and this may lead to sagging.

Always listen to your body and be attuned to any discomfort or pain during sexual activity. Effective communication with your partner is essential, ensuring they are gentle and respectful of your recovery and the sensitivity of your breast implants. Prioritising a safe and thoughtful approach to sexual activity will support your healing journey and contribute to achieving optimal surgical results. 


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