Nose Thread Lift

Originating in South Korea, the nose thread lift procedure is commonly performed throughout Asia and is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. If you are looking to augment the nose without having to resort to surgery, we proudly offer nose thread lifts at Inigo Cosmetic.

What is a Nose Thread Lift?

A nose thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure designed to elevate the nose through the use of threads. These threads are skillfully placed under the nose to provide a scaffolding effect that helps to lift, shape and define the nose. Over time, these threads will dissolve, which will stimulate collagen growth to maintain the shape of the redesigned nose in the long term.

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What can this procedure do?

A nose thread lift is designed to improve the nasal profile without the need for surgery. This procedure can help create:

  • A higher nose bridge
  • A straighter nose bridge
  • A sharper, more defined nose bridge
  • A sharper nose tip


You will notice results immediately after your nose thread lift. This offers a huge advantage over surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, which can take up to a year for results to appear fully.

Over the next six to 12 months, the threads will be absorbed by the body. However, collagen growth will replace the threads and work to continue improving the profile of the nose. You can expect the effects of your nose thread lift to last between one and two years, after which you may require further cosmetic intervention to maintain results.

What to expect

Before inserting any threads, your cosmetic nurse will administer small injections of local anaesthetic to numb the nose and ensure your comfort. Threads will then be inserted under the soft tissue of the nose, usually through the nasal tip and along the nasal bridge. Once inserted, your cosmetic nurse will pull the threads to achieve the desired lift and shape. The ends of the threads are then trimmed to leave no evidence of their placement. Nose thread lift treatments are very quick, only taking around 20 minutes to complete.


If you are looking to enhance the shape of your nose, however, want to avoid surgical rhinoplasty or nose filler, a nose thread lift may be the ideal treatment for you. The best way to determine whether this treatment is right for you is to have a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic.

Nose thread lifts are minimally invasive and, as such, require little downtime. Patients are typically able to resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. While you may experience some bruising and swelling, this will resolve within a few days. If needed, you can wear makeup to cover this.

Dermal fillers offer an additional nose enhancement procedure for patients wishing to avoid surgery. While both treatments are non-invasive, there are several differences between a nose thread lift and nose dermal filler.

Nose thread lift

  • No risk of threads migrating
  • No risk of vascular occlusion
  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • Results last for up to two years

Dermal filler

  • Risk of filler migrating or spreading, which could broaden the nose
  • Risk (although low) of vascular occlusion, which could lead to tissue death and even blindness
  • Results last for up to one year

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to book a consultation with Dr Chinsee at Inigo Cosmetic, who will examine your face and discuss your aesthetic concerns.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter and reconstruct the nose. As an invasive treatment, there are a number of differences between a nose thread lift and rhinoplasty.

Nose thread lift

  • Is minimally invasive
  • Is performed under local anaesthesia
  • Is less expensive than surgery
  • Has minimal downtime and risk
  • Results can be seen instantly
  • Results last for up to two years


  • Is an invasive surgical procedure
  • Is performed under general anaesthesia
  • Is far more expensive than non-surgical alternatives
  • Has greater downtime and risk
  • Takes up to a year to see final results
  • Results are permanent

The best way to determine which treatment is ideal for you is to book a consultation with Dr Chinsee at Inigo Cosmetic, who will examine your nose and discuss your aesthetic concerns.

After your nose thread lift, you may experience some mild side effects, including swelling, bruising and tenderness. However, this should resolve quickly, within 48 hours of your treatment.

While more serious complications are rare, they may include an allergic reaction, infection and thread dislodgement. If you notice anything amiss following your thread lift, please get in touch with the Inigo Cosmetic team immediately.

At Inigo Cosmetic, we customise our treatments to each individual patient. Depending on your desired result, we may need to insert more or less threads. To receive a detailed cost breakdown, please get in touch to book a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic.