While many associate ageing with the face, a number of changes also occur to the body as we get older. We begin to carry more fat, especially as we lose muscle mass, and a loss in elasticity leaves us with sagging skin and unsightly cellulite.

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment that will boost your body to achieve a more youthful appearance, we have just the solution for you. At Inigo, we are excited to offer FlexSure treatments, an innovative radiofrequency procedure designed to rejuvenate the body.


What is a FlexSure?

FlexSure is a revolutionary body contouring treatment developed by Cynosure. This radiofrequency treatment offers the world’s first wrappable applicator, designed to curve and conform to the body. With this unique peel-and-stick applicator, FlexSure is well equipped to treat even the most difficult-to-reach areas, such as the thighs, buttocks, flanks, abdomen, arms, and knees. Through this hands-free applicator, deep-tissue radiofrequency energy is delivered into the treatment area.

FlexSure treatments offer a range of benefits. For one, the heat delivered during treatment works to address a number of medical conditions, including the temporary relief of pain and muscle spasms and to increase local circulation. In addition, heating tissue also causes contraction, offering body contouring benefits.

The heat delivered during treatment can seep into the subcutaneous fat tissues and destroy unwanted fat cells. Once these fat cells die, the body will gradually eliminate them via the lymphatic system. Radiofrequency treatments are also designed to stimulate collagen production. Thus, in addition to losing fat, you can also expect the skin to look tighter and firmer.

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Treatment areas

Thanks to its unique applicator, FlexSure can effectively treat a number of body areas, including the:

  • Underarms
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Knees

Not quite sure if this treatment is right for you? Book in for a complimentary body consultation.

Body Consultation


You can expect to feel tighter and firmer immediately following your first FlexSure treatment. These results will only continue to improve as the body creates collagen and begins to eliminate the destroyed fat cells. While noticeable results can be seen in as little as three treatments, optimal results require a series of five treatments.

Keep in mind that every patient is different, and some will require more treatments than others to achieve their desired results. During your consultation at Inigo Cosmetic, your clinician will give you an idea of how many treatments you may need.

What to expect

On the day of your FlexSure treatment, your clinician will prepare the treatment area before carefully adhering the peel-and-stick applicator to your skin. We will then begin the treatment, and the RF applicator will begin emitting heat to elevate the temperature of the subdermal tissue.

The FlexSure applicators are equipped with six different treatment zones. Your clinician can adjust the temperature settings of each zone to deliver the most consistent and even temperatures to the treatment area.

FlexSure treatments are completely painless, and many patients even describe the procedure as relaxing. You will feel a warm sensation as the skin heats the skin tissues, comparable to a gentle hot stone massage. Treatments take between just 15 and 30 minutes to complete, after which you can immediately resume your regular activities.


If you are looking to tighten the skin and reduce stubborn fat, FlexSure treatments may be the ideal solution for you. Unlike other body contouring treatments, FlexSure has no BMI restrictions. However, please keep in mind that FlexSure is not a weight loss solution, meaning that healthy diet and exercise habits are required for best results.

The right number of treatments will vary from patient to patient. However, to achieve the best results, most patients benefit from a course of three to five treatments, spaced one month apart. To maintain this, you may require periodic follow-up treatments.

Any fat cells destroyed by FlexSure cannot return. Despite this, it is still possible to gain weight, as your remaining fat cells can still grow in size. As such, it is essential to focus on a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine to maintain results.

Results driven by an increase in collagen production are long-lasting; however, FlexSure does not stop the ageing process. If you wish to maintain a firm, toned appearance, additional treatments may be required in future.

There is absolutely no downtime required following a FlexSure treatment. Patients are free to resume all of their everyday activities immediately after treatment.

At Inigo Cosmetic, we customise our treatments for each individual patient. Depending on your personal body concerns, you may require more or less FlexSure treatments. To receive a detailed cost breakdown, please get in touch to book a consultation at Inigo Cosmetic.