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Meet the Zingers! Nerve Regeneration and Breast Augmentation Recovery

After your breast augmentation you will more than likely experience a lot of strange and new sensations. You may hear sloshing and popping sounds and there is a good chance you will experience the “Zingers”.

Zingers are the fun term used to describe the shooting, burning, sharp, intermittent sensations that women experience after a breast augmentation. This nerve hypersensitivity feels almost like a mini electric shock. Zingers only last a second or two but for women who aren’t expecting them it can be quite scary. The medical term for this is dysesthesia (Zingers is a lot more catchy).


After a breast augmentation your skin will be stretched and you will be swollen, this means the nerves in the skin have also been stretched. Stretching the nerves out can result in feelings of hypersensitivity or feelings of numbness – similar to when your leg falls asleep. Once the swelling settles down and the skin starts to relax these nerves will start sending out signals again – THE ZINGERS.

This feeling usually starts at around the 2 week postop mark and can continue up until 3 – 6 months after your procedure.

Although Zingers can be a little uncomfortable and annoying, they are completely normal and actually a good sign of healing. It means that the nerves have not been damaged or cut but stretched and are ‘waking up’.

If the pain becomes too uncomfortable, taking regular ibuprofen can help. Or sometimes gentle pressure or ice to the area can relieve the sensation and interrupt the nerve messengers.

– Nurse Justine


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