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Introducing The NEW Rapid Recovery, Scarless Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants

“Wow! So I’ll be back to my normal daily activities within 24 hours, have minimal pain, and be scar free? And that Gummy Bear Implant sounds super fun and cute. When is your next available date?” – The average consumer, probably


Let’s break this down.

Rapid Recovery: Every single Surgeon in Australia is currently using this technique. It’s the modern-day standard and it’s no secret. All Surgeons use the so called “specialized cauterization technique” and surgical drains aren’t needed for breast augmentations. Plus, the pain from a standard boob job is pretty minimal and usually controlled best with good old Panadol.

Scarless Surgery: Apparently scarless surgery involves a small 3cm incision. So wait? There’s still an incision? Then that means there’s still a scar. Obviously it’s going to be less noticeable, but it’s definitely not scarless.

Gummy Bear Implants: There is no implant manufacturer that makes Gummy Bear Implants available in Australia. A Surgeon gave them the name and it’s stuck. Gummy Bear Implants are actually anatomical, cohesive gel implants. You know, like the ones that are already routinely offered. Cute but misleading.

So if you see this being offered by your Surgeon, just be aware that they’re trying to SELL you a surgery (and they probably have a pretty good marketing team behind them too).

– Nurse Justine