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How Much Is a Boob Job?

Cosmetic surgery is pricey! But what exactly are you paying for? This is what’s typically involved when it comes to the cost of your new breasts.


Between $500 – $2500

This fee covers hospital and theatre costs which include disposables, use of machinery and equipment, and the medication used during your procedure.

Then there’s the staff at the hospital. During your actual procedure there are at least 3 nurses present. Then you have first stage recovery – another nurse. Then second stage recovery – another nurse. That’s 5 nurses. Some facilities have more. Not to mention the admin staff, the orderlies, the cleaners. The list goes on!


Between $500 – $1700

Anaesthetists are specialist doctors. They put you to sleep and keep you alive during your procedure. Next to the surgeon, the anaesthetist is the most important person in the room. In fact, they will argue that they are the most important person in the room.


Between $1000 – $20,000

Finding the right surgeon is important. You are paying for a surgeon’s skills and expertise. It’s important to do your research when deciding on a surgeon; look at their before and afters, read online reviews, and talk to existing patients.

Keep in mind that the surgeon’s fee will also be used to cover your postoperative appointments after surgery, the on-call nurse, the admin staff, and whoever else is responsible for keeping the practice running smoothly and making your journey as safe and as comfortable as possible.

The surgeon’s fee might also include little added extras such as a postoperative bra or a Keller funnel which is used to insert the implants during your procedure.

Additionally, most surgeons in Australia will also greatly reduce or waive their fee if you require a second operation due to a complication.


Between $900 – $3000 (depending on the manufacturer)

That might surprise you, but silicone breast implants aren’t cheap! And here I am currently using one as a stress ball. #ballin

– Nurse Justine