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Calculating Implant Size for Your Frame

In your research you have probably come across some results that you like the look of. You might think that a 420cc implant is the one for you. There are some things you do need to keep in mind…

Implants will look different on everyone. You need to take into account the weight, height, breast width, original amount of breast tissue, and even age of the model which will all affect how the implant will look.

Your implant size is determined by your body measurements. Specifically, the implant sizes that will suit your frame are determined by your breast width. There is a maximum size implant that will fit your body.


Breast width is the width of each breast (measured in cm) and is usually between 10 – 14cm.

Generally, implants should be slightly narrower (within 1cm) or the same width of your natural breast measurement.


Jessica has the following breast measurements

  • Left breast 12cm
  • Right breast 12cm

Jessica can fit the following implants, curtsey from our friends at Mentor:

Mentor Size Chart

Jessica likes the big, fake look, so automatically we can exclude all moderate profile implants – they won’t give her the look she is trying to achieve.

But Jessica had her heart set on the 590cc, round, ultra high profile implant from Mentor, the diameter is 12.6cm. This is 0.6cm over her measured breast width.

What would happen if Jessica went with an implant 0.6cm over her breast width?

  1. Uniboob (symmastia) – the implants cause the cleavage to come too close together.


  1. Lateral implant displacement – implants shift too far apart and shift into the armpits.
    Lateral Displacement

Because she’s going too big for her frame Jessica might also encounter….

  • Rippling – the breast tissue is stretched too thin and unable to cover the implant.
  • Sagging due to the thin skin and physical weight of the implant.
  • Bottoming out – the implant falls into or below your natural breast crease (also known as the inframammary fold).
  • The bigger the implant the more complications associated with it – including pressure on the incision which can affect healing (particularly relevant if you’ve had a lift in conjunction with your implants).
  • Capsular contracture – thick scar tissue that can distort the shape and look of the implant.
  • Lifestyle factors – including finding clothing and bras that actually fit properly or exercise.

Important Note: You may need multiple surgeries to safely achieve the size that you want. If you’re starting with nothing and want to jump to a 600cc implant (provided it will fit your frame) you may need to have this done in steps to allow the skin and muscles time to stretch to accommodate your implants.

Yikes. None of those complications sound great!

What about if Jessica picked an implant too small or narrow for her frame?

  • She might not get the cleavage or upper pole fullness she’s after.
  • The implants will literally look too small – like little balls on her chest.
  • The nipples might end up pointing in opposite directions.

So Jessica has decided on a 480cc, ultra high profile, round implant. The absolute maximum size implant that will fit her frame.

Phew. It’s a lot more complicated than just picking a size!

– Nurse Justine


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