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9 Things to Consider Before Getting Large Volume Breast Implants

Deciding on our breast implant size is a personal decision. There are multiple factors that go into determining the best implant size for you. Breast measurements, desired cup size, characteristics of your breast, tissue and chest wall are all important in making the right selection. However, there will be a maximum size implant that will be able to fit into your chest cavity based on these breast measurements. After an assessment, Dr Chinsee will be able to provide you with a selection of implant sizes that will suit your frame and aesthetic goals.

What is a Large Volume Breast Implant?

Well, that depends! A 500cc implant won’t look the same on everyone. Imagine a 500cc implant on the petite Vanessa Hudgens (155cm and 50kg). Now imagine the same 500cc implant on Wonder Woman, Gal Gardot (178cm and 61kg). They are going to look completely different – and what might be considered a large volume implant for Vanessa, probably won’t be considered large volume for Gal.

So what are the risks and complications associated with bigger implants? and what factors should we consider?


It goes without saying the larger the implant the more it will weigh. An 800cc implant weighs 800g. Times that by two and you have an extra 1.6 kilograms that you’re carrying around on your chest. Obviously, the more weight, the faster the skin will stretch and sag which may result in the need for additional surgeries in the future. Ladies who currently have large volume breast implants – – – PLEASE. WEAR. YOUR. BRA. TO. BED. Protect your investments, you paid a lot of money for them!


Larger implants can sometimes put pressure on the nerves that supply the nipple, which may result in partial or complete loss of sensation.


Although stretch marks are usually a result of genetics, sometimes going too big too fast can result in unwanted tiger stripes.


The bigger the implant, the more thinly stretched the breast skin will be over the top (particularly if you’re small framed with low body fat). Thin skin can result in skin rippling, which some women may find unattractive. This may require additional procedures such as fat transfer or PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) to correct.


The extra weight you are carrying around may also cause unwanted pain in your neck, shoulder, or back.


If you’re an avid runner you might want to consider how large implants will impact your exercise routine. Breasts over a certain size can make some physical activities more difficult, such as running and tennis. You may find that you need to alter or change what you’re doing (and remember to wear your sports bra)!


No more stomach sleeping! Realistically anyone with breast implants shouldn’t be sleeping on their stomach, but particularly if you have big boobies!


Most women with large volume breast implants have trouble finding clothing to accommodate their new assets. Particularly bras, if you’re a size 8 band and a J cup – you will more than likely have to visit a specialty bra store, which can be quite pricey


Choose what you believe would suit YOU, do not base this decision on a breast size you saw on Instagram or Social Media,

– Nurse Justine.