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7 Weirdest Products for Women with Big Boobs (with or without implants)

  1. Pool float with room for your boobs. Get it here
    This pool float allows bigger busted women the luxury of relaxing face down in comfort. Now if only there was a product available that could put SPF on your back for you…
  2. Cleavage pillow. Get it here
    If you’re a side sleeper this cleavage pillow is designed to sit in your bra, between your breasts while you’re asleep. It minimises movement, absorbs moisture, and prevents chest wrinkles.
  3. Bra pockets. Get it here
    I love this. It’s a secret, secure bra pocket. No missing coins at the end of a big night out – keeps everything all in one place.
  4. Bra strap cushions. Get it here
    Bigger breasts = more weight which can cause those weird shoulder indents. These reusable bra strap cushions evenly distrubute weight on the shoulders while holding the bra straps securely in place.
  5. Pillow for stomach sleepers. Get it here
    Although you CAN sleep on your stomach after you’ve had breast implants (6 months after surgery to be exact). To preserve the life of the implants it is not recommended. But if you absolutely cannot sleep any other way this might be an option…
  6. Cleavage cover. Get it here
    From PM to AM with some simple clips and elastic. Or you could go to Kmart and buy a bib for $2.
  7. Boob towel. Get it here
    This boob towel is meant to be worn around the house as a moisture absorber or great for breast feeding mummies (apparently).

Disclaimer. We have not tried any of these products. This article is purely for entertainment purposes…But if you do try any let us know!

– Nurse Justine