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11 Essential Items for Breast Surgery Recovery

To ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible you might want to get a few things in order before your surgery. The big things like, cleaning the house, changing your sheets, washing your hair, sending your partner/kids away on a trip so you can relax in peace might seem obvious. But below are some of the little things that you might not have thought about.

  1. Get your waxing or shaving sorted.
  2. Extra-long phone charging cord/ extension cord.
  3. Baby wipes/ facial wipes – you won’t be able to shower for the first 5 days.
  4. Dry shampoo, or even treat yourself to a salon wash and blow dry at around day 3.
  5. Zip or button up tops – you will have limited arm movement.
  6. Straws or a water bottle – you might find it difficult to move your arms and you’ll need to keep your liquids up to combat the post-surgery bloat.
  7. A neck pillow (airplane travel type of pillow).
  8. A boomerang pillow – you’ll need to sleep upright for at least 1 week!
  9. If you’re not already signed up with a streaming service then here is a WEBSITE that has every free trial available – you’re welcome!
  10. Healthy snacks (fruit, nuts) – you might not feel like big meals directly after your surgery.
  11. If you’re big on meal prepping, then organise some meals because you won’t feel like cooking for the first few days. Or you know, Ubereats – can you use our clinic code? Eats-ian19677ue

Remember to rest and relax as much as possible. Enjoy your downtime! Many of us don’t do this enough so use this as your excuse, and don’t feel guilty.

– Nurse Justine